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Fantasy & S.F. Comics ~ New Spring 

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Robert Jordan's New Spring

Prequel to ~

The Wheel of Time

Complete Sets ~
#1 to 8
In Stock $95.00 !!!

The Long-Awaited ' rest of the story ' is here!  Robert Jordan's New Spring Vol. 8 is in stock, Vol. 7 is on back-order.






Also check out the complete 5 part Riftwar series by Raymond E. Feist from Marvel ...

WoT #0  Dragonmount and #1 Eye of the World First Editions:

WoT #1a,b,c #1.5 #2a #3a #4a,b, #5 to #11 in STOCK also

Scroll down to order New Spring ... Click HERE for Wheel of Time ~ Dragonmount

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New Spring
#1 of 8 In Stock $14.95   
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New Spring
#2 of 8 In Stock $14.95
New Spring
#3 of 8 In Stock $14.95
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New Spring Comics - Volume 4
New Spring
#4 of 8 In Stock $14.95
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New Spring
#5 of 8 In Stock $14.95
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New Spring
Set of 6 #1 to #6 ~ $72.95 + s/h

New Spring
#6 of 8  $3.99 +s/h

In Stock !!

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New Spring
#7 of 8  $24.95 +s/h

In Stock - a few only!.
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New Spring
#8 of 8  $3.99 +s/h
In Stock !!
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Complete Set of 8 Issues
including shipping to US or Canada ONLY ...
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Complete Set of 8 Issues
including shipping Worldwide
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*UPDATE on NEW SPRING & Wheel of Time SERIES - Delivery of New Spring #7 was seriously short-shipped, orders have been re-solicited by Diamond Comics, but no firm delivery date.  #8 is in stock ... the latter was published by Dynamite Entertainment  ...  note we have Dragonmount WoT 0 Diamond Comics Previews PX , New Spring #1 to #6 and #8, Wheel of Time #0 Dragonmount regular and variant cover and all 3 variants of WoT #1 in stock.  WoT #2, #3 and #4 (both variants) have arrived  #5 and #6 are in stock but they have no variants, instead there will be now at least three more issues!!  We will adjust orders to reflect this.

Any questions, feel free to write ... thank you for your patience!


Robert Jordan's New Spring from the 2005 Covention - only 1500 printed

2004 Convention Special Limited Edition ~ Out of Stock

Click the art samples above for a full size picture

About the publishers:

Dabel Brothers Production (DB Pro) was a comic book studio dedicated to
bringing many of the best and most popular novels in the world of fantasy to
the comic book medium. With a passion for authenticity and a firm respect
for the original text, the Dabel Brothers worked hard to ensure that their
adaptations built upon and enhanced the worlds of popular works in a manner
that longtime fans and new readers alike enjoyed.

Dabel Brothers Production was best known for its critically
acclaimed adaptation of bestselling author George R. R. Martin's The Hedge
Knight. DB Pro has also produced such titles as Legacy, Robert Silverberg's
include Tad Willams's THE BURNING MAN, Raymond E. Feist's THE WOOD BOY, and

Dabel Brothers Productions foundered sometime in 2009.

About the artists:

About the author:

Look for future comics in this fantasy art series - check out 
Seventh Shrine by Robert Silverberg and Wood Boy by Raymond E. Feist

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