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Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time
Issue #0 'Dragonmount' &
Issues #1 to #12 'Eye of the World'

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First Edition $19.95
Dabel Brothers Imprint - 
Very Rare Variant!
Cover by SEAMAS

Eye of the World #1c

In stock!

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First Edition $19.95
DBPro Imprint - Rare!
Cover by SEAMAS
(Signed & Numbered)
Eye of the World #1c

Out of Stock!
DsDC_WoT1c.jpg (110415 bytes)

Diamond ComicsŪ Previews WoT#0b PX variant cover ~

Apr 2009
First Printing
Mike S. Miller Cover

Out of Stock!

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Regular cover WoT#0a ~

Apr 2009
First Printing
Chase Conley Cover

DsDC_WoT1a.jpg (126329 bytes)
#1a  $14.95
First Edition, Mint
Eye of the World
In Stock!
DsDC-WoT1b.jpg (119991 bytes)
#1b  $9.95
First Edition, Mint
Eye of the World
Cover by SALIBA
In Stock!
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#1.5 $4.99
In Stock!
DsDC_WoT2A.jpg (114365 bytes)
#2a  $9.95
A few left!
DsDC_WoT2B.jpg (102313 bytes) #2b $9.95

Out of Stock!
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#3a  $4.99
In Stock!
#3b  $14.95
Out of Stock!
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DsDC_WoT4a.jpg (75211 bytes)
#4a  $4.99
In Stock!
#4b  $9.95
Out of Stock!
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DsDC_WoT5.jpg (135516 bytes)
#5 $4.99
In Stock!
DsDC_WoT6.jpg (102077 bytes)
#6 $4.99
In Stock!
DsDC_WoT7.jpg (148857 bytes)
#7 $4.99
In Stock!
DsDC_WoT8.jpg (148719 bytes)
#8 $4.99
In Stock!
DsDC_WoT9.jpg (158385 bytes)
#9 $4.99
In Stock!
DsDC_WoT10.jpg (126316 bytes)
#10 $4.99
In Stock!
DsDC_WoT11.jpg (149740 bytes)
#11 4.99
In Stock!
DsDC_WoT12.jpg (153131 bytes)
#12  $4.99
In Stock!


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About the publishers:

Dabel Brothers Production (DB Pro) was a comic book studio dedicated to
bringing many of the best and most popular novels in the world of fantasy to
the comic book medium. With a passion for authenticity and a firm respect
for the original text, the Dabel Brothers worked hard to ensure that their
adaptations built upon and enhanced the worlds of popular works in a manner
that longtime fans and new readers alike enjoyed.

Dabel Brothers Production was best known for its critically
acclaimed adaptation of bestselling author George R. R. Martin's The Hedge
Knight. DB Pro has also produced such titles as Legacy, Robert Silverberg's
include Tad Willams's THE BURNING MAN, Raymond E. Feist's THE WOOD BOY, and

Dabel Brothers Productions foundered sometime in 2009.

About the artists:

About the author:

Look for future comics in this fantasy art series - meanwhile check out 
Seventh Shrine by Robert Silverberg and Wood Boy by Raymond E. Feist

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